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Stushlery Pyrite-Shattuckite Necklace

Stushlery Pyrite-Shattuckite Necklace

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This beautiful necklace from Stushlery captivates with a Shattuckite cabochon set in a beaded bezel plus micro-faceted pyrite beads. The necklace is crafted using the highest quality natural gemstones and sterling silver to ensure top durability and style. Enjoy the timeless beauty of nature and fashion.

Pyrite is said to bring good fortune and prosperity.  It is also known as Fool's gold due to it's pale gold brass like appearance.

Shattuckite is considered to amplify psychic ability and provide clarity.  It's great for healing trauma and blockages, helping you become the best version of yourself.


Turquoise/Blue, Pale-gold, Silver, Black


91 mm x 35 mm x 7.59 mm


Sterling Silver, Pyrite, Shattuckite, Glass beads, Ultrasuede

Care Guide

*Keep away from Moisture
*Remove when sleeping
*Remove when working out
*Remove when going in the bath or shower
*Avoid contact with perfume and chemicals


25 grams

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