Welcome to the wonderful world of Stushlery!

Stushlery is an expression of style, daring to make an impact! Our jewellery is finely hand-crafted and our lavish designs are inspired by an exciting global journey of sound, textures and hues. Stushlery is for the chic, classic, tailored dresser and the feisty, fashionable, trendsetter – when it comes to adornments we are the beautiful happy medium.

The imagination behind Stushlery

From her youth, designer, Julie McAlpin also known by the stage name $tush a successful British Recording Artiste has approached creativity with imagination, boldness, and inimitable ‘$tush’ style, owing to her incredibly vibrant upbringing and her musical success which has seen her travel the world. Her appreciation for different cultures heavily contributes to the characteristics of Stushlery, each precious piece of jewellery caringly crafted by Julie has an appeal that not only focuses on its beauty but also on the energy and poise of the Stushlery wearer.

Since the Stushlery journey has begun, Julie has been positively received in the luxury jewellery market and she has created and sold bespoke pieces to clientèle far and wide including Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Stushlery is a Prince’s Trust supported business.


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